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 Welcome to Hadlock Designs, LLC....

        The Hadlock family's roots and dedication to the equestrian and leather products industry dates back to the 1940's with beginnings in saddle tree manufacturing and sales of saddle makers supplies under the name Standard Saddle Tree. Founded by generation one, Kenneth Hadlock.  Kenneth expanded to Texas in 1962 and established Hadlock and Fox Mfg in San Antonio. Hadlock and Fox relocated to Gruene, TX. in the mid 60's. The saddle tree factory was operated in the Gruene Mercantile building and the Saddle and Leather shop was born in the building currently occupied by the Gruene Outfitters. The Second generation of Hadlock's continued to operate and utilize multiple buildings in Gruene until the late 70's, A large portion of the family was involved in Gruene, Brothers, Bret and Lonney had taken the business over from their father, Kenneth and continued expanding the existing factories as well as expanding with the addition of multiple retail western stores located in New Braunfels and Universal City.

The Hadlock's experienced rapid growth and expansions during this time period and are happy to have been a part of the history of Gruene and proud to have played a role in Gruene's future and what it has become today.

Needing additional manufacturing space and looking to further expand, all properties owned by the Hadlock's in Gruene were sold to new owners that not only, still own and operate the Gruene historical district today, but had the vision and means to create the popular and thriving community that continues to draw thousands of visitors each year.  

Continuing to move forward, a new property was purchased just down the road from Gruene, on Hwy 306 and all facilities were relocated to the new property by 1980. Continued expansion from that point included an additional retail location, as well as the addition of a trailer dealership to include horse trailers and a new building to provide custom living quarter build outs.   

Many great years came over the next two to two and a half decades. The business continued to thrive, and new generations grew into the Business. Generation three, Chet Hadlock joined the business in the early-80's, and gained vast experience, working closely with Bret and Lonney, working directly in each area/shop, from producing rawhide in the tannery to the entire process of building saddle trees, from the selection of lumber to delivering finished products. Then to the Saddle shop where many years were dedicated to all areas of leather work, from materials, design and carving, Saddle making, and general custom leather work from design to finish. Chet's wife Kathy Hadlock got started in the late 80's. Kathy dedicated a number of years learning the manufacturing process in the tree factory, working in sales and customer service as well as managing the saddle makers supply division, then on to the saddle shop getting her start with carving/tooling and continuing to gain experience and learn all aspects of the leather shop, from product design to production and delivery.

Generation number four, Chet and Kathy's son, Bret Hadlock (named after gen2 Bret) came into the picture in the early 2000's, still having the opportunity to work with and learn from generation two, gaining experience in the both the tree factory and leather shop and continued to build on that experience and learning with the third generation.

With the evolution of our industry over the years, the decision was made in the late 90's that we were headed for a time of change. Divisions of the business were closed or sold, beginning with the retail stores and trailer dealership, and ending with the tree factory in 2005. Hadlock and Fox Mfg is still up and running today, under new ownership, in Del Rio, TX.

The Saddle and Custom leather shop was retained By Chet and Kathy and Hadlock Designs was born. After spending several years in the steel industry, gaining vast experience in manufacturing, management and leadership, Bret returned to the family business and became a partner in Hadlock Designs, LLC. in 2019.

We are truly a family owned and operated business. The shop is currently owned by third generation, Chet and Kathy Hadlock along with their oldest son and fourth generation, Bret Hadlock. 

Chet, Kathy and Bret work full time in the shop, designing, carving and producing leather products along with Bret's wife, Audie Raye and the rest of the Hadlock Designs crew.  All strive to maintain the highest levels of quality and integrity and pride themselves on providing excellent customer service.

Hadlock Designs initially continued to focus on saddles and tack for a number of years prior to shifting directions a bit and focusing more on the design and production of smaller, custom leather products. Many years of experience in the saddle shop gave us the knowledge and a unique set of skills to produce unique and high-quality leather products. We strive for perfection with each and every piece we produce and treat every order as if it were the only order. 

We use only the highest grades of leather tanned in the USA by Hermann Oak and Wickett and Craig, giving us a great material base to produce the quality we desire and create long lasting, durable products that our customers can be proud to own and enjoy for years to come.

      All products offered on this website are proudly produced in our Seguin, TX. shop, hand cut, hand carved, hand painted, and hand finished. Each product is truly hand crafted.  


We sincerely thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you. Please browse the site and let us know if we can assist in anyway. We're happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to hearing from you soon.


                        Thank You.

                        Chet, Kathy and Bret Hadlock

                        Hadlock Designs, LLC                                       

H&F SHop in Gruene.jpg

Saddle tree Factory in Gruene Texas (1962-1979)

Bret & Ken.jpg

First gen. Kenneth and second gen. Bret Hadlock

(early 1970's)

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